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Minecraft Review

Minecraft is a game about creation. The game is about survival, discovery, community, loneliness, creativity, and despair. At first you enter a desert. No, it’s not that familiar desert, it expands after each step until you pass the peak and find yourself in a world three times the size of your native Earth. But that’s not going to happen, of course.

Your destination might be a forest, an uninhabited island, or the top of a snow-capped mountain. Things are always peaceful at first. Most players are far from immediately aware that monsters can appear from any unlit area. Caves and tunnels are by no means safe during the day. However, after 15 minutes of play the sun begins to set…

Your destination might be a forest, an uninhabited island, or the top of a snow-capped mountain.
Everyone who has played Minecraft says they remember their “first night” in all its colors. Some spend it on grass-covered plains, escaping skeletons and zombies. Others panic and dig holes in the ground with their bare hands, then sit in them all night, watching the stars glow overhead and praying for day to come soon. Others hide in a cave, having previously sealed it with blocks of mud, and consider themselves safe until a poisonous spider materializes from the darkness and begins to bite.

But you soon learn that things must be different. The next day you zealously gather wood, build tools for yourself, find coal in the mines, and voila – you have a hut you built with torches. Torches, as a constant source of light, keep monsters in awe. With the arrival of a new day comes the need to gather even more materials. The hut becomes a real home. You build another floor. You try to build a fireplace, but a failed attempt convinces you to switch from wood to stone. Then you want to build a ladder to the roof so you can sit there at night and watch the hostile world of monsters roaming the earth.

Everyone who has played Minecraft says they remember their “first night” in all its colors
One night, you catch yourself staring intently at the moon. Suddenly, the game’s soundtrack debuts minimalist and sad at the same time. It’s impossible to understand why exactly now you feel terribly lonely and sad. At this point, it comes to you that you have been hooked by Minecraft.

You decide to continue exploring the game further, learning about geological formations new to you, which generates new ideas. It’s as if the environment fuels your creativity, and you begin to figure out how best to fill in every empty patch of land.

There’s something strange and primal about it. In terms of gameplay, there’s little reason to go outside your hut. But the desire to experiment, to create and tame the surrounding wilderness constantly drives the player to new challenges and new experiences. See that huge cave outside your house? It’s creepy. But if you have plenty of resources, you can explore the cave, clear it of monsters, hang torches on the walls, illuminating and securing it. As an added bonus, there is a wonderful opportunity to find rare materials in it, and in the caves have a better chance of getting ore, you can hide your treasures there. The grim inevitability of your next cave exploration is that it brings a sense of relief to Minecraft.

Minecraft offers the possibility of cooperation, you can create a city with other players.
But let’s say you’re not the biggest fan of terror, isolation, or impromptu introspection. That’s where the possibilities of team play arise.

The simple fact of having other people around to talk and collaborate coolly changes the fundamentals of Minecraft, but the resulting experience remains just as valuable and compelling.

The game’s servers are unique and varied. In some worlds, the sun is always shining, allowing users to collect the items they need and create whatever they want. These are the kind of servers where you’re sure to find soccer stadiums, giant statues, or even cathedrals. Many, however, prefer to keep the survival aspects, although obviously the danger is greatly reduced if you have a group of players working together. And, instead of having your own little tent for protection, you surround yourself with an entire city.

Sep 16, 2022
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